We Are Here ~ “People Need People”

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We Will Come Through this Together, because People Need People

Dear Community Member,

We are going through a very scary time for everyone.  The COVID-19 pandemic is causing worldwide chaos.  In our community, the recent Safer at Home policy was established to protect us from the spread of the virus, but it has also had unintended consequences of affecting people’s livelihood, displacing students to the community, and closing access to many resources we rely on.  The fear of the unknown is very hard on our customers, and we in turn are fearful that we may see more substance use and overdoses.

This is a time we at AADAP need to reach out to the community more than ever.  Our services are essential services as defined by the Safer at Home policy announcement.  We will continue to serve the people within the protection and limitations provided by its guidance.  Out treatment services will continue while observing the six feet social distancing prescribed. The outpatient programs in Crenshaw, Inglewood, Gardena, and Long Beach are there for our customers.  Most of them are observing the order to stay home, but our counselors are calling and providing Tele-Health services.  The residential programs are challenged to provide group counseling while maintaining the social distancing ordered.  It is taking creativity, but it is being done.  The employment program expects to see a lot more people needing job placement in the coming months as we see restaurants, stores, and other small businesses closing.  The staff remain open and available to help these displaced members of our community, as well.

As our Medical Director said yesterday after the Safer at Home announcements, “This “stuff” is real!”  And as our Administrative Director asked, “Have we gone through anything like this before?”  Well, yes.  There was the Civil Unrest of 1992 and the Northridge Earthquake of 1994.  This one is obviously not the same, but we were here to help the community through those traumatic times, and we are here for this one.

I believe we will come through it together, because “People Need People”.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Mike Watanabe, MSW, L.H.D.
President & CEO

For a list of service updates, please refer to our COVID-19 Healthy and Safety Priorities Page.

AADAP’s offices are open and our staff are available to help the displaced members of our community, as well. 

  • Administrative Office: (323) 293-6284
  • Residential Treatment: (323) 293-6291
  • Outpatient Treatment:
    • Jim Goodman (Inglewood): (323) 294-4932
    • Youth Outpatient (Gardena): (310) 768-8018
    • Long Beach: (562) 218-9530
  • Employment Services: (323) 293-6284
  • Youth and Family Programs: (323) 596-2310
  • Prevention Services:
    • Community Prevention: (323) 293-6284
    • IYCC: (310) 768-8064
    • HIV Outreach Services: (424) 331-5799