AADAP’s Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Health and Safety Priorities

Updated May 15, 2020

AADAP’s primary purpose is serving the community, and our core services are directed at a population in chronic health and welfare conditions. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining access to the community to all our services. We are making every effort to adjust to the challenges of COVID-19 and find ways to continue our services while accommodating the needs of our staff. We have taken the following steps to ensure the safety of our staff and clients/customers:

Treatment Programs:
– The Residential program (Therapeutic Community or TC) is continuing to operate daily programs with safety precautions in place. This includes social distancing measures, regular disinfecting throughout the facility, and ensuring proper hand washing and personal hygiene. Visitors are allowed by appointment only. This applies to ALL outside visitors including immediate relatives of current residents.
– Intakes shall continue by appointment only and with social distancing measures.
– Youth Outpatient has cancelled in-person treatment. Treatment groups via Google Meets are held on Thursdays 5-6pm (12-17 ages) and 6-7pm (18-20 ages)
– Counseling will continue to be provided 1:1 by appointment only via telephone and individual sessions. Individuals coming in person must submit to a phone screening with their counselor before they come.
– Group counseling sessions at the Outpatient treatment sites are as follows:

  • Goodman Outpatient Clinic (Inglewood): Limited In-Person Groups (5 or less clients per group) on a weekly basis. Inform your counselor if you are interested.
  • Youth Outpatient (Gardena): Cancelled until further notice.
  • Long Beach Outpatient Clinic: Cancelled until further notice.

Employment Services:
– West Adams WorkSource Center will remain operational with safety precautions in place, and services will be provided by appointment only.
– The Resource Center is temporarily closed.

Youth & Family Programs:
– The GRYD counselors will no longer be visiting schools, as long as schools are closed.
– The ASK Resource Navigation program is providing services by appointment only. In-person services will be provided with social distancing measures.

Prevention Programs:
– IYCC has cancelled Saturday Tutorial classes until further notice.
– CSBG employment services will be conducted by phone call only.
– Community Prevention is moving all groups to teleconferencing until further notice.
– Community Prevention Staff are available by email:

  • Jeanne Shimatsu, jshimatsu@aadapinc.org
  • Carol Almeda, calmeda@aadapinc.org
  • Richard Bis, rbis@aadapinc.org
  • Traci Saruwatari, tsaruwatari@aadapinc.org
  • Jessica Abaya, jabaya@aadapinc.org
  • Tiffany Tan, ttan@aadapinc.org
  • Marlon Pasual, mpascual@aadapinc.org

– HIV Outreach Services has cancelled groups but will continue syringe exchange at fixed locations Tue-Fri.

  • Tuesday: 7am-9:30am, BARRT Lynwood
    11315 S. Atlantic Ave. Lynwood, CA 90262
  • Wednesday 7:30am-10:30am, Medmart Clinic
    11900 S. Avalon, Los Angeles, CA 90061
  • Thursday – 7am-9:30am, Lawndale Medical and Mental Health Services
    4023 Marine Ave Lawndale, CA 90262
  • Friday – 8am-10am, Hollywood Medical and Mental Health Services
    5015 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90015.