Residential Unit
The Residential Unit, referred to as the Therapeutic Community (TC), is a coed 30-bed 24-hour 7 days/week adult residential program providing 3 to 6 months of intensive, comprehensive treatment with one year of follow up.
Outpatient Unit
The Outpatient Unit provides structured treatment for clients living in the community and takes into consideration cultural, environmental, emotional and other factors. There are three locations for Outpatient Counseling (Jim Goodman, and Long Beach), as well as a location for HIV/AIDS Outreach.
Employment Access Unit
The Employment Access (EA) Unit operates the West Adams WorkSource Center (WSC). EA provides equal opportunity programs that connect job seekers with job training and employment opportunities and businesses to skilled workers and resources. The services are: job search assistance, skills development, training, customized recruitment, and related business services.


Prevention Unit
The Prevention Unit works with all segments of the community to counteract the underlying factors contributing to the problems of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse. The three programs within the Prevention Unit are Community Prevention, the Indochinese Youth and Community Center and Youth Outpatient Treatment.
Youth and Family Programs Unit
The Youth and Family Programs Unit provides services to At-Risk and High-Risk youth through gang prevention and intervention modalities, mentoring, youth development, counseling (individual, group, and family), educational/recreational activities and parent supportive services.