What are the rules?

  • Stream for at least 2 hours- Any timeframe that works for you!
  • You can stream anything you typically stream
  • No alcohol/vaping/tobacco/marijuana products on stream

How do I host a charity stream?

  • Create a Tiltify account and connect your Twitch channel for easy fundraising
  • Hype up the stream a week in advance on social media
  • Educate the audience about AADAP
  • Create commands for !Charity or !Donate in chat (Tutorial HERE)
    • Example Message: We’re fundraising for the Asian American Drug Abuse Program for Mental Health Awareness Month! Donate here: https://donate.tiltify.com/aadap
  • Establish fun goal milestones for the audience

What are some milestone ideas?

What is an example of some milestone goals?

$50 – Karaoke Song
$100 – Sanrio Gift Set Giveaway (provided by AADAP)
$200 – Shot of Pickle Juice
$500 – Jelly Bean or Marshmallow Challenge
$700 – Tweet an embarrassing photo
$1000 – Get pied in the face

What should I mention during the stream?

  • Explain the purpose of the charity stream:
    • Donations will go towards helping those battling drug addiction overcome mental health trauma and build resilience 
  • Educate your audience about AADAP:
    • AADAP is a 50 year old Los Angeles-based non profit organization
    • The mission is to save lives and change families affected by drug abuse
    • Services include inpatient/outpatient drug counseling, mental health services, job training, community outreach, and prevention education
  • What this charity stream means to you, the streamer
    • How the rise in violence/hate against Asians has affected you
    • Why drug abuse prevention is important to you 
    • What Asian American Heritage Month means to you
    • The importance of mental health
Stream for Good

We’re partnering with streamers, pro-players and hosts  to raise funds and awareness about drug abuse, prevention and recovery.

Streamers We’ve Partnered With

Jacki Jing






Jess Brohard