May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The Asian American Drug Abuse Program is partnering with streamers in the month of May to raise funds and awareness about drug abuse and mental health in the AAPI community.

What are the rules?

  • Stream at any timeframe that works for you!
  • You can stream anything you typically stream
  • No alcohol/vaping/tobacco/marijuana products on stream

How do I host a charity stream?

  • Create a Tiltify account and connect your Twitch channel for easy fundraising
  • Hype up the stream a week in advance on social media
  • Educate the audience about AADAP
  • Create commands for !Charity or !Donate in chat (Tutorial HERE)
    • Example Message: We’re fundraising for the Asian American Drug Abuse Program for Mental Health Awareness Month! Donate here:
  • Establish fun goal milestones for the audience

What are some milestone ideas?

What is an example of some milestone goals?

$50 – Karaoke Song
$100 – Sanrio Gift Set Giveaway (provided by AADAP)
$200 – Shot of Pickle Juice
$500 – Jelly Bean or Marshmallow Challenge
$700 – Tweet an embarrassing photo
$1000 – Get pied in the face

What should I mention during the stream?

  • Explain the purpose of the charity stream:
    • Donations will go towards helping to raise money and spread awareness for mental health in the wake of the AAPI hate crimes 
  • Educate your audience about AADAP:
    • AADAP is a 50 year old Los Angeles-based non profit organization
    • The mission is to save lives and change families affected by drug abuse
    • Services include inpatient/outpatient drug counseling, mental health services, job training, community outreach, and prevention education
  • What this charity stream means to you, the streamer
    • How the rise in violence/hate against Asians has affected you
    • Why drug abuse prevention is important to you 
    • What Asian American Heritage Month means to you
    • The importance of mental health
Stream for Good

We’re partnering with streamers, pro-players and hosts to raise funds and spread awareness for mental health and drug abuse, prevention and recovery. 

Donations received from the Mental Health Charity Streams will go towards helping our clients overcome mental health trauma and build resilience.

Want to host your own charity stream and fundraise with AADAP. Check out the fundraising deck!

For any inquires, please email

Streamers We’ve Partnered With

Jacki Jing


Joyce Lee


























Irene Pena


Jon Li


Sarah Lightman


Tyler Alexis


Hibana Sound


Jory Avner