The Wall of Imagination and Knowledge

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Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP) in partnership with Theatre Of Hearts/Youth First (TOHYF) is proud to unveil The Wall of Imagination and Knowledge, an original, large-scale mural conceptualized, designed, and painted by AADAP’s youth and families. AADAP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Asian Pacific Islanders and other under-served communities with substance abuse services throughout Los Angeles County. Since 1972, AADAP began with the mission to improve community health through providing prevention education, treating substance abuse, and facilitating economic development to increase job skills and employment opportunities. TOHYF is an arts education nonprofit in its 32nd year of operation that has provided arts education programs to 181,410 underserved youth and their families throughout LA County since 1992. TOHYF utilizes high-quality arts as a means of intervention and prevention in youth violence and gang-related activities and continues to uphold its belief that YOUTH FIRST = OUR FUTURE by promoting understanding between people through cultural and artistic forums, as well as by empowering local communities through education in the arts.

The theme of The Wall of Imagination and Knowledge was inspired by Albert Einstein, who once said that, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Using this quote as a starting point for dialogue and inspiration, TOHYF’s professional Artist Mentor worked closely with 30 participating youth and their families over the course of 13 workshops to design a mural that explored their education and learning, their curiosities of the vast universe, and the potential of their untapped imagination and dreams. The final mural design portrays an ethnically diverse selection of youth reading and learning together, surrounded by the expanse of their vibrant imaginations. This mural is a tribute to the diverse and unique community of South Central Los Angeles, which is oftentimes not provided equitable access or exposure to high-quality arts education. The mural creating process served as a vital platform of creative self-expression and project-based learning, and the participants gained skillsets specific to both the visual arts discipline (2D design and composition, color theory, painting and brush techniques) and daily life (teamwork, communication, leadership). The Mural Dedication Ceremony will be held on Thursday, March 19th, 2020 from 5:30-7:30 pm in the parking lot of AADAP’s Youth and Family Programs Office, located at 4625 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90047. This ceremony will celebrate the community members who contributed to the mural project, as well as unveil for the first time The Wall of Imagination and Knowledge to the community at-large. The event is free and open to the public and will host live music and an interactive arts table for the community to enjoy!