Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra honored AADAP yesterday May 31, 2023. Secretary Becerra spoke at a press conference outside of AADAP’s Corporate Office and on the complex and acute matter of dealing with homelessness, in conjunction with treating substance abuse and mental health disorders. Both leaders also took a tour of AADAP’s inpatient residential facility hosted by James Stinson, Therapeutic Community (TC) Director, and Lauren Lee, Coordinator. Along with local service providers, Mayor Bass and Sec. Becerra  participated in a roundtable discussion to discuss several matters, including  one critical issue at hand in the Los Angeles treatment field of the short treatment time allotted for rehabilitation.  We are grateful to Mayor Karen Bass, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, all partners and staff who made this historic and necessary event possible. AADAP is ready and prepared to be part of Los Angeles’ collective efforts and solution to homelessness and rehabilitation.

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