YFP Success Story During COVID-19

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YFP Success Story During COVID-19
By Yvette Enrique, Case Manager II (GRYD)

This success story encompasses the services that AADAP’s Youth and Family Program (YFP) provides to the families we serve. We pride ourselves at YFP as a team that works together to service the community with the array of resources, we are able to provide for their needs.

This story begins at our Annual Summer Night Lights (SNL) event at Van Ness Park. During an outreach effort, I was able to meet a youth that was interested and excited to hear about the GRYD. I asked the youth to introduce me to her parent who was also at the park with three of her younger children. Mom was a bit apprehensive to meet and talk with me and told me she was not interested in any youth program at this time. She was willing to take the brochure and flyers. I gave her material that shared what we offer at AADAP YFP. YFP offers workshops, activities, and incentives for the community once a week for several weeks during SNL. When I returned the very next week, I, again, met with the parent, offered some of our goodies and invited her and her children to participate in an activity. I worked on building her trust.

The following week, I met the parent once again. This time she disclosed that she and her four children were homeless and living in her car at the park. However, the most heart wrenching reality was that she was also four months pregnant. Immediately, I asked her to come to our office to meet with our ASK Navigator. We quickly found out that there were other issues that were urgent as well. Not only was the parent homeless, she was unemployed, her license and car registration were both expired. This meant she risked the place that was considered their shelter could be impounded.

With the help of the ASK Navigator, the parent was able to update her registration for her car, get her license, and temporary housing. The youth were eligible and enrolled for GRYD Services. As a result, and prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, the family received permanent housing and the mom delivered a healthy baby boy. The youth and family actively participate in GRYD family events and stay up to date with the resources we provide.

With the start of the new school, the youth are excited about entering high school but are uncertain about how classes will be conducted. The parent and youth both state they have learned to assertively function and communicate effectively as a family since coming to AADAP’s GRYD Services. The youth expressed their feelings in a mature and responsible way and their mother also identifies her positive connections to make healthy choices for her family.

I truly believe this is the epitome of our motto at AADAP, “Changing Lives and Saving Families”. This is a definite “Success Story.”