Veteran Gains Skill to Build Housing for Homeless

By March 30, 2021No Comments

Written by Vincent Imamoto, Employment Access Counselor

With purpose and determination, David C. wakes up each morning before 5 am, laces up his work boots, and kisses his wife goodbye before taking the long drive to Riverside. He works long hours in a warehouse that builds Accessory Dwelling Units or ADU’s that help combat the homeless crisis in and around Los Angeles. That’s just the kind of man he is.

David is no stranger to hard work; he spent many years in the Armed Forces, but like many of our precious Veterans, he experienced a difficult transition into civilian life. Through his involvement with the local Veterans Administration, he was referred to the West Adams WorkSource Center for employment assistance after falling on hard times. Being chronically unemployed took a toll on his mental health, but he soldiered on and stayed humble. Never losing faith, he took a chance and was picked to participate in our HomeAid Los Angeles WORKS Construction Training Program and excelled. Upon completion he was picked up for a full-time position with Cavco Industries Inc., a leading company that manufactures ADU’s and as a true gentleman shows his gratefulness through action. On his graduation day, a day that is supposed to be a celebration of self, he told a room full of strangers about how AADAP saved not just himself, but his family. He was almost out of hope but the WorkSource Center retaught him how to have self-confidence and gave him the drive to help himself. He found his purpose again. He remembered what it felt like to be a provider, a mentor, a loving husband, everything he thought he lost, but it wasn’t lost. It was always just under the surface waiting for the day he believed in it again and when that day came, he shared it with the world.

When times are tough just remember how lucky we are and think about how the true American dream is being lived by David when he ties up work boots at 5 am, kisses a beautiful woman goodbye for the day, and drives with a smile towards a hard day of work so he can provide for his family.


If you or someone you know are seeking help for employment, please contact AADAP’s West Adams WorkSource Center: (323) 293-6284.