This article was written by Richard Bis, Community Prevention Organizer.

The Let’s Make a Difference campaign, also known as LMD, was developed by San Fernando Valley Partnership, and implemented by all SAPC funded Community Collaboration Programs (CCP) throughout the eight Service Planning Areas in Los Angeles County. The goal of LMD is to stop the opioid and prescription drug abuse epidemic by providing the community with prevention education and steps to keep families and the community safe from the dangers of prescription medications. This is accomplished by working with local pharmacies and hosting “pop-up” tabling events.
In the city of Carson, we were able to talk to four local pharmacies who committed to the LMD Campaign. The pharmacies are Crown Drugs, Cason Pharmacy, Carson Discount Pharmacy, and VistaMed Pharmacy. The local pharmacies with the help of the owners and pharmacist committed to inform their clients and customers to safely store their prescription drugs, to not share their prescription drugs, and to safely dispose of their prescription drugs.
That commitment was recognized by the Carson City Council during their council meeting when the city’s DEA RX Take Back Day Proclamation was given to the son of Dr. Mike Lord. Dr. Mike Lord is the pharmacist of Crown Drugs who committed to the goals and efforts of the LMD campaign.
The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is dedicated to addressing the drug overdose epidemic in the United States. Safe Disposal through the RX Take Back Day is one way of doing it.
It was amazing to see the link and connections of our Let’s Make A Difference (LMD) campaign work within the Carson community. Talking with a local pharmacist about our prescription drugs misuse prevention efforts, getting their commitment to make a difference, organizing the Carson DEA RX Take Back Day on April 22 with our Carson Initiative for Substance Abuse Awareness Prevention (CISAAP) Adult Coalition members, and, finally, back to getting our Let’s Make A Difference pharmacy partner recognized by the Carson City Council through the DEA RX Take Back Day Proclamation.
AADAP is also fruitfully implementing the LMD campaign in Gardena, Inglewood, and Long Beach.