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Our Worksource Inclusion: NeuroDiversity!

By November 5, 2021December 14th, 2021No Comments

This article was contributed by Angel Key, M.A. Ed., Vocational Counselor, West Adams WorkSource Center

The month of October is National Disability Month! The West Adam’s Worksource center strives to be an inclusive space for individuals of all walks of neurodiverse backgrounds. Our key ingredient is for these individuals to be served and equally integrated into our community’s workspaces. As the Disability Coordinator and Counselor, I have the privilege of working with this particular and diverse group with my intention of growing a more beneficial partnership with organizations committed to reasonable accommodations and workforce inclusion.

The United States Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy has labeled this pandemic year as “America’s Recovery: Powered by Inclusion,” which recognizes the importance of prioritizing individuals with disabilities to have equal opportunity and access to employment and community services at this time. At AADAP, we are committed to striving and strengthening the relationship between the diverse population we serve and the City of Los Angeles. This year, one of our most significant partnerships and commitments was working with Legends Hospitality at the SOFI Stadium. As a result, approximately 400 individuals received an offer of employment, and six individuals with a learning disability received employment in various entry-level positions at the stadium. With the help of our staff, we can make sure that reasonable accommodations are met, routine schedules are made, and that excellent communication and customer service are a top priority.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, individuals living with a disability are categorized by vision, hearing, ambulatory, self-care, cognitive, and independent living difficulties. Approximately 61 million adults in this country have a qualifying disability, and the majority reside in low-income communities. As a community provider, AADAP and the Work Source Center have continuously responded to providing quality health care, outreach, and employment access to the most vulnerable in our areas.