My New Life~ By Shauna T., Mother and TC Resident

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This is a personal reflection submitted by Shauna T., a mother and recovering addict, enrolled in AADAP’s treatment program:

My name is Shauna T. and I am a grateful recovering addict. My journey began eight months ago when I was using drugs and alcohol and living on the streets. I lost my son due to a Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) case being opened and that’s when I knew I needed help. I came back to the TC on April 13, 2020 hoping to get help to stop using and to get my son back in my custody. I will admit it wasn’t easy at first but I surrendered to the program and started to develop the coping skills needed to recover from using drugs and alcohol.

During my six-month stay I went from being the laundry monitor to becoming the House Coordinator. It was my responsibility for three months to ensure the house was running smoothly and to ensure that all clients got the help they needed to get through the inpatient process. I phased up to the next level of 2B in TC as being a true leader and example for the house. With the help of my Counselor Patricia, I was able to recognize my character defects, use coping skills such as asking for help and consequential thinking. She also kept me connected with my mental health case manager and psychologist so that I could get counseling, continue my medications and seek housing.

Because of my hard work and dedication to my treatment I was ready to leave the TC on October 9th and start my new journey at the RBH (Recovery Bridge Housing). By then, I received unmonitored weekly visits with my son, Jared, and an excellent progress report from the courts. Once I was at RBH I promptly reached out to my family for support and to let them know of my progress. Immediately, I obtained a cell phone so that I could do my Zoom classes with Outpatient, contacted my social worker, attorney and Outpatient Counselor to continue with my treatment plan. I was also able to keep in contact with my Case Manager at Edelman and after about one week out of the TC, I  got good news and received my Section 8 housing voucher.

I continued my Zoom classes, relapse prevention, life skills and NA meetings with AADAP being as honest as possible about my feelings, thoughts and concerns. I continued my weekly visits with my son unmonitored at the RBH house and redeveloped my bond with him. I read, help with his schoolwork and play games with him. I am also connected with the Work Source Center, which helped me obtain employment. It’s temporary work with a chance to be hired full time. I stay connected with my counselor at the WorkSource so that I can continue my job searches and any referrals they have for job opportunities. Since my stay at RBH, I have been diligently looking for housing and can’t wait until I find the right apartment for me and my son.

Since I came to AADAP for help they gave me the tools I needed not just to stay sober, but how to be a responsible and productive member of society again. Because of their help and my determination, I have a safe and warm place to sleep at night, a place for my son to visit me and food to eat. There have been some challenges during this pandemic, but AADAP has provided us with the tools to stay safe: face masks, hand sanitizer, COVID-19 testing and ideas to deal with being stuck inside except for essential outings. I came to AADAP because of their reputation and because I knew I would learn how to stay sober and keep pushing forward no matter what. They helped me stay clean, got unmonitored visits and linked me back to my mental health for counseling and housing.

I am forever grateful to AADAP and the things they taught me and provided for me. Now I await my court date which is in March. By then I hope to have my apartment and I will have fulfilled my court order requirements and gain custody of my son. The next six months I plan to be employed, have my apartment, graduate and become alumni and give back to the TC community. I plan on continuing to redevelop my relationship with all my children and continue to stay connected with my recovery by attending regular NA meetings.


If you or a loved one are seeking help for addiction, please contact AADAP’s Residential Program (TC): (323) 293-6291