Fundraising Guide

Tips on how to fundraise for the LA Big 5K, Charity Half, and LA Marathon

Registration Fee & Fundraising Goal For Each Race

Keep in mind that you could Run for Free!

For 5K, if you raise $350, you have the option to have your Registration Fee ($40) reimbursed!

For Charity Half Marathon, if you raise $650, you have the option to have your Registration AND Training Fees (up to $245) reimbursed!

For Full Marathon, if you raise $1000 you have the option to have your Registration AND Training Fees (up to $280) reimbursed!




Raise your first $100 to earn a $10 Gift Card

Raise $500 to earn a Team AMP Hat

Raise $1000 to earn a Team AMP Hoodie


Fundraising Ends: March 17, 2024

Last Day To Accept Donations: April 30, 2024

First Step: Setting Up Fundraising Page on HAKU

The first thing you have to do is set up your fundraising page on Team AMP’s HAKU site.

Personalize it and let people know who you are and why you’re running for Team AMP.

1) Go to

2) Fill out the form

3) Upload photos and personalize your story!

Once your page is set up, you will be able to share your fundraising page to your supporters.


Get To Know AADAP

Founded in 1972, AADAP is one of LA’s oldest and most respected substance abuse treatment and prevention agencies. Over its 50-year history the agency has broadened its mission to provide services for mental health, employment, and youth and families

Plan Your Campaign

Take some time to think about what you want to say and who you want to ask. Plan for success in advance and adjust accordingly. You might want to ask your friends, family, favorite barista, old professor, past roommate, neighbor, accountant, gym pals, coworkers, etc.

Fundraising Basics

If you don’t ask, you won’t get donations. Aim high! Don’t be afraid to send out donation requests multiple times; people get busy, and they need reminders. Thank your donors within 48 hours. Let them know that donations are 100% tax deductible.

Ways To Get Donations

Haku: Supporters can donate directly to your fundraising page.

Facebook/Instagram: Set up a fundraising page via your social media accounts.

Checks/Cash: Please have these made out and mailed to AADAP at 2900 Crenshaw Blvd. LA, CA 90016

Venmo/Apple Pay: Visit which takes Venmo/Apple Pay


Time To Start Fundraising

We’ve put together a timeline of ideas to execute your campaign.

Remember to be polite and personal! Each person you ask will require different methods of approach.

First Announcement: Let people know you’re on a quest to finish the 5K/Charity Half/LA Marathon. Tell them about your fundraising goal.

  • First Progress Report: Give updates on training progress (ex: just ran 10 miles), fundraising progress, what you need to reach your goal.
    • Mention a race/activity you might be doing in preparation.
    • Consider asking for donations in lieu of gifts for special occasions.
  • Second Progress Report: Updates on training and fundraising
    • Recognize and thank all the donors who have given so far.
    • Challenge yourself to complete a long run and share with your supporters.
  • Third Progress Report: Updates on training and fundraising
    • Remind folks that race day is only 1 month away!
  • Fourth Progress Report: Push hard for donations
    • Remind folks that there are only 2 weeks left until race day!
    • Ask your earlier donors if they will help you with another donation.
  • Fifth Progress Report: Last push for donations
    • Remind folks that there is only 1 week left until race day!
    • Fill them in on what you’re doing to prepare for the race (diet, apparel, mental rituals, etc.)

After the Race: Send out a thank you message and brief recap of how your race went! If you haven’t reached your goal, use this time to remind folks they can still donate before April 30, 2024.


Go to link to create your fundraiser: Facebook Fundraiser

Feel free to customize your details on how much money you want to raise and the reason why you are raising the money


Go to our Instagram page: aadapinc

Click on support and go to create fundraiser

Customize the details on how much money you want to raise and the reason why you are raising the money


Social Media Graphics

Here is an example of social media story/post you can use to let people know you are running for Team AMP!

Feel free to use!

On desktop, right click and click “save image as.”

On mobile, click image and press and hold until shows the “save image” to your camera roll or screenshot.

Sample Fundraising Letter

Remember to update the sections in parentheses, before sending out to supporters. The more personalized you can make it, the better.


Dear [Enter Name],

Exciting news—I’ve committed to the [Los Angeles Marathon/Charity Half] on March 17, 2024, with Team AMP. It’s my debut, aiming for a major long-distance race for [personal reason, e.g., bucket list, fitness].

I’m running for the Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP), offering critical addiction treatment to low-income communities, serving over 20,000 annually. Now, more than ever, AADAP relies on your support.

Team AMP is one of AADAP’s major fundraisers and the most important event that engages clients in newfound pursuits on their journey to recovery. Funds raised are crucial to providing culturally- appropriate treatment and prevention to low-income communities, and ensuring clients have access to all the supportive systems and tools needed to succeed in recovery.

I’m dedicated to raising [Enter your goal eg. $650, $1000] by March 17th and seek your help. Any donation is appreciated. Contribute effortlessly at [INSERT YOUR UNIQUE LINK].

Unable to donate? Help by sharing with 5-10 friends or suggesting fundraising ideas.

This race is my toughest challenge, but it’s nothing compared to the struggles of those in recovery. Fundraisers like Team AMP enables AADAP to extend its services to individuals poised for transformative change, facilitating their journey towards a renewed and hopeful life. Your support makes a difference.

Thanks for considering and supporting me on this journey.


[Your Name]

P.S. Check if your company has a matching gifts program to double your impact.