Team AMP FAQ’s

General Questions

What is Team AMP?

  • Team AMP is AADAP’s Marathon Program and is the official endurance event training team for AADAP. This is Team AMP’s 13th season as an Official Charity with the Los Angeles Marathon. Our mission is to raise funds to support AADAP’s mission to “Change Lives and Save Families.”

What makes the experience unique for members?

  • Benefits include:
    • Group training to help you achieve your race goals
    • Training and fundraising support, including emails with important race updates and training tips
    • Cheer Zone station that will inspire you along the course
    • Exclusive Team AMP racing shirt
    • Personal fundraising webpage
    • Pre-Race Pasta Party and Post-Race Celebration

Fundraising Questions

How much money do I have to raise?

  • The fundraising commitment varies among races. Participants are asked to raise the minimum amounts by March 10, 2024 and meet the fundraising timeline due dates.
    • LA Big 5K: $40 Registration Fee, $350 Fundraising Goal
    • Charity Half Marathon: $135 Registration Fee, $650 Fundraising Goal
    • Full Marathon: $170 Registration Fee, $1,000 Fundraising Goal

How do I raise those funds?

  • Share your commitment and dedication to supporting AADAP’s mission! If you don’t ask, you won’t get donations. Aim HIGH! Challenge yourself, and even if you don’t reach the goal, you’ll raise more than the minimum. Don’t be afraid to send out donation requests multiple times; repetition is very important.

What if I don’t reach my goal?

  • We will help each team member try and reach your goal by assisting with your fundraising page, sample appeals, raffles, etc. We expect each member to engage in fundraising efforts!


Training Questions

What training programs are there?

  • You have the option of training with Coach Robert & Euri Mills of Club 26.2! Coach Robert & Euri have weekly individual running/walking schedules, the training includes organized group long run/walks held each Saturday morning at Burton Chace Park in Marina Del Rey at 8 a.m. The program also includes informational presentations focusing on topics such as injury prevention, nutrition, selecting the best running shoes, and a pre-marathon preparation review. Robert also makes himself available to answer questions and sends team members a weekly newsletter. A complete training packet is provided upon registration. With the help of our experienced coach and the support and camaraderie of your team members, you can achieve your marathon goal!

When does training begin?

  • The 24-week training program begins on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at Burton Chace Park in Marina Del Rey. If the training program has already started and you still want to join, it’s not too late. Depending upon how much you currently run or walk, you can join our team, as we are further along in the training schedule.

How much is it to train with Club 26.2?

  • $110.

I haven’t ran a race before. Is the program just for first time marathoners?

  • No, the program is for first timers as well as experienced runners who want to train to set a personal best record. Our training coach will work with you to design a program to meet your specific goals.

I’ve never ran more than a few minutes before. How can I run 26.2 miles?

  • With the right attitude, commitment and a solid training program, anyone can complete a full marathon. If you are already able to run or walk 20 minutes at a time, you are at a great place to start a marathon-training program. With Club 26.2 training program, you will be able to complete your race.


Registration Questions

I want to join the team, how do I sign up?

  • Visit and select which race you’d like to register for.

What if I’m already registered for the LA Marathon and now want to join your team?

  • No problem! We can transfer you over to our team.

How can I find out more about the program?

  • For more information about Team AMP, please email