Thank you to our Holiday Donors

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On Thursday, December 19, 2019, the Goodman Outpatient (OP) Staff, Paulina Hong, Development Director, Quilts from the Heart group, and OP clients all came together for the Goodman Outpatient Holiday Celebration 2019. The eight clients participated in Holiday Program by playing games, participated in karaoke, arts and crafts activity and presented small incentive of appreciation to ladies of Quilts from the Heart. Quilts from the Heart have been a tremendous help to our Goodman OP Program for eleven years. Ms. Suzie and Ms. Nina have dedicated their time to teach clients every Thursday and clients are able to learn and practice an important life skill. An AADAP OP client shared a personal experience: “The sewing class is by far my favorite class. Our instructors are amazing! The patience and dedication they give us has been like a breath of fresh air. In the past, when in stress or angry, I would turn to drugs to cope, but today I’ve been able to cope through my new hobby. This class has been able to take me back to my teenage years when I used to sew with my mom and even better now I can share this hobby with my own daughter. The tranquility and peace that sewing brings to me has placed a new joy in my life. Seeing the smiles on my children’s faces every time I give them something I’ve made for them is a better feeling than any high can ever offer. I really enjoyed being able to present the sewing class instructors with a little token of our appreciation, they put up with a lot in our sewing class, managing to help us all in every way possible. I received gifts for my children, which was truly a blessing. The karaoke, decorations (arts and crafts), food and just the whole atmosphere were amazing! It just goes to show that we don’t need drugs to party and have a good time.”