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On Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By January 12, 2021No Comments

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day
By Patty Abrantes

This Country has concluded last year – 2020- with the Biden-Harris victory as many have turned
out to vote and democracy has reigned. Even more significant today were the 2 GA Senate
Seats filled by 2 Democratic leaders, which now has determined the majority Democratic lead
in our Senate and for the first time in history, Democratic votes have carried the majority votes
in a southern State that has always been Republican for decades

What would the late Martin Luther King be saying at this time? Indeed his dream has now
become a reality. Reverend Pastor Warnock, a Pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church where
the late Martin Luther King had gone and spoke; is now the first African American Democratic
Senator ever elected in office from GA.

However, as you all heard and seen last week’s news, this Country was under siege and attack
by a mob of local extremists and terrorists, when in January 6 th , the Capitol Chambers was
ransacked by Trump Supporters, incited by Trump himself and a number of other Republican
political figures. The presence of police and national guards were nowhere to be found
compared to their presence during 2020’s BLM marches nationwide.

It is clearly evident that the work that the late MLK has been fighting for continues on to this
day and this new decade. Let us move ahead with 2021, with more than just a glimmer of hope
in our hearts and minds, and trust that with our new Leadership in all branches of our
Government take us to a better year than the last.

As we move forward with our lives, battling the pandemic in our own communities, let us
remember the meaningful life that our late MLK led for us, and continue to realize the dream
by fighting for what we believe is right and just for everyone.