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In this time of uncertainty, there's a fundamental truth that gives us hope - that together we can do extraordinary things. Join us on #GivingTuesday and let’s rally to Change Lives and Save Families.

Dear Friends and Family,

Lionel’s road to recovery has been long and difficult, but in the end, life changing. Through the guidance of AADAP’s staff and their outpatient program, he has received the support he needed to overcome his addiction and reclaim his life once again. Since becoming part of the AADAP family in 2019, Lionel can proudly say he’s been sober for over a year now.

At a young age, Lionel was first introduced to drugs. This quickly spiraled out of control and led to his addiction, landing him in and out of jail. After being arrested over five times, the judge gave him two options: go to prison or join a program. In 2019, he was introduced to AADAP and was doubtful as he began their outpatient program. The AADAP staff showed compassion and support towards Lionel’s journey, empowering his motivation and success to sobriety. With his future in mind, Lionel worked hard and gained the courage to change his life around. AADAP’s outpatient program greatly impacted Lionel’s struggle with substance abuse.

To this day, Lionel is reunited with his family, working full-time and attending treatment on his one day off. He’s proud to say he’s one of AADAP’s success stories, giving him the confidence to turn his life around.

During this season of giving, we hope that you will consider a gift of $50, $100, or even $500 to help continue the important work of AADAP. Together, we can continue to provide care and compassion to those like Lionel. People Need People.

- The AADAP family

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AADAP exists to change lives and save families adversely impacted by substance abuse. It provides the diverse and multi-ethnic communities of Los Angeles a comprehensive “whole person” approach in its education, intervention, treatment, outreach, advocacy, and employment programs. AADAP distinguishes itself by embodying the Hawaiian concept of “Ohana,” meaning “family.” Each individual who joins AADAP joins a Family bound together by its values of compassion, responsibility, and respect.

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All donation are 100% Tax Deductible, and will be used towards the renovations needed for our Residential Treatment Home for Women and Children, otherwise known as the Olympia Academy. In these times, we all need to pull together, and we are grateful for your support.