Clinical Director

Date:  8/27/19
Agency:  AADAP, Inc.
Job Title:  Clinical Director
Role:  Exempt Employee
Salary:  Starting, $65,000, Commensurate Upon Experience
Opening Date:  Immediately
Closing Date:  Until Filled
Open Positions:  One (1) Full-Time
Submit Resumes to:, Jon Fukuda, Human Resources, 2900 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016, (323) 293-6284, (323) 295-4075 (fax)


Under the general supervision of the President and CEO, and in collaboration with the Medical Director and SAPC and DMH Managers, the Clinical Director will implement clinical guidelines and oversee clinical compliance of the SUD and DMH Treatment programs with SAPC, DMH, DHCS, and DMC. This will include development of policies and procedures, ensuring full financial utilization of contracts, and expanding mental health services. The Clinical Director shall provide training and clinical supervision of all counseling staff in cooperation and coordination with treatment Coordinators and Managers. He/she will oversee LPHA consultants and AADAP staff to ensure the quality of documentation and services provided by the treatment programs. The Clinical Director will recruit and supervise interns and license-eligible trainees who are interested in completing experiential and clinical training hours at AADAP.



1. Oversee Clinical Compliance in the Treatment Programs (30%):

  • Assist treatment supervisors to ensure program operations are in compliance with START-ODS and DMH contract requirements.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations to improve the treatment protocols and outcomes as necessary.
  • Monitor and improve agency policies to ensure clinical compliance with Drug Medi-Cal and MHSA standards to prevent disallowances of clinical records.
  • Assist with development and coordination of community support services for treatment program clients.
  • Attend training, networking, and outreach meetings as required and necessary.

2. Ensure The Quality of Treatment Programs Documentation and Services (40%):

  • Provide supervision and training for counseling staff and LPHA Consultants as needed
  • Provide in-service training to onboard staff into Sage, improve clinical documentation, reduce billing denials,
  • Review and implement continuity of documentation of level of care for transition between units
  • Conduct chart reviews for quality of care and of documentation.
  • Ensure documentation for assessments, initial treatment plans and treatment extensions meet required medical necessity
  • Collaborate with Managers and Coordinators to troubleshoot and improve workflows related to EXYM claims approvals and Sage errors.
  • Provide mental health consultation for treatment staff as needed
  • Attend case conferences, SAPC Managers, and Coordinators meetings as required.


  • Supervise clinical assessments of clients at admission and re-assessments as necessary.
  • Provide diagnoses and treatment plan recommendations as appropriate.
  • Provide individual, group, and family therapy as necessary for complex clinical cases.
  • Recruit and supervise clinical interns and work with site managers to integrate trainee’s across AADAP sites.
  • Provide crisis intervention services, including 5150 determinations or need for higher level of care determinations
  • Supervise staff in documentation practices and contribute to staff training in identified areas of need on a regular basis.
  • Participate in and lead case conferences, staff meetings, and network meetings as necessary


1. Requirements:

  • Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LCSW, LMFT, psychology PhD in good standing with five years experience in SUD or DMH treatment services
  • Vehicle, California Drivers License, and Automobile Liability Insurance.
  • S. citizen or permanent resident; proof of work eligibility upon hiring.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skill Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • The physical demand of this position is at the light duty level of occasional lifting of objects with a 10-pound limit and with bending, stooping, use of hands and arms, and kneeling.

2. Preferred Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated supervision and management experience.
  • LCSW with substantial SUD experience
  • State approved SUD certification.
  • Demonstrated experience with EXYM or similar EHR
  • SAPC Sage access, skills, and knowledge
  • Experience with private insurance billing


Revised 8/27/19